Sunday in the studio….

I am off to the hipster colonised wilderness that is modern Brixton to sober up Sol Invictus flutist/violin/piano thumper Eilis MCckraken in the vain hope I will have our single ready for the Huns brutal deadline of May. We hope to have it released in time for our no doubt seminal performance at Prophecys second annual festival to take place in a cosy hole near brutal Bavaria.

We are using the skills and kettle of Jon and his fine One Cat Studio. I have to say it is rather pleasant to be recording in a real studio again even if it means penury and Mrs Wakeford looking for a evening job.

Evocatively, my walk through the streets of SW9 takes me past my old squat at 15 Villa Rd which still seems to mentain the tradition of being the scruffiest house in the street. Apart from moi the other claim to fame for this street is that the late, great Bob Hoskins was filmed here for the wonderful “The Long Good Friday”.

Although even Harold and his trusty henchman razors would probobly be rightly discoserted if the radical separatist primal screemers that occupied the bottom end of the street had materialised instead of some cheeky cockney urchins. Thankfully, not even their nurotic howls of middle class entitlement remain.









15 Villa Rd





Bob Hoskins as Harold at 35 Villa Rd.

This is my second visit to One Cat. The first being a few weeks ago when bass thuder Caroline Jogo came in to record. She also recorded drums as her wife Lesley was drying out as by terrible coincidence Aldi had dropped the price of already cheap Polish lager the night before.






Jogo hitting a drum





Jogo thumping a bass

After a stomach pump and a coffee enema Eilish played amazingly well and earned a pint of the black stuff. I shall return next week to mix and then they shall be specially renditioned to Germany to an uncertain fate!




Jon of One Cat:putting a brave face on things.img_1755img_1757

Eilish playing clank desk and scream stick



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