Now that the jolly Germans are about to release our new pop platter, I have started work on the next Sol Invictus content for illegal file sharing sites.

It will be a highly dubious snapshot of London if authored by a near village idiot brought up on a diet of Pan books, and their even more disreputable and luridly covered competitors.

It is called Necropolis, partly in homage to the station of that very name who’s splendid yet ignored frontage is still visible on Westminster Bridge Road, for those with the eyes to see it. Sadly, and more relevantly,  it is also about another building at the other end of that same road, whose coterie are allowing their oligarch and plutocrat chums to cut London’s throat.

Apart from the usual suspects in this endeavour we have The Green Army Choir, Simon Satori and Sussan Mathews being blackmailed in to contributing.